Keep Your Employees Motivated And Increase Your Sales

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It no longer appears to be . . . but is a fact that we are in the throes of a full-fledged recession. Everyone is feeling the pressure on the home front as well as needing to increase sales. Employee moral may be down from what it was previously as staffs are taking notice of the changes in the business flow, wondering if their jobs are in jeopardy and concerned about making ends meet.

All of this strain can take its toll and if you haven’t noticed already, you may begin to see a decline in productivity, negative attitudes, and depression in some of your staff. While all of these reactions are common, understandably so, if left unattended, these attitudes can be detrimental to your business.

Your business needs positive, upbeat employees to provide excellent service and that is an impossible task for someone with an unenthusiastic, pessimistic attitude. Patrons pick up on this and you cannot take the chance of depressing attitudes rubbing off on them. Most importantly, purchases are not made by people who feel in a less than positive mood.

It is very important that you take notice and find ways to counteract any negativity in the workplace to provide a comfortable and positive environment for your customers as well as your employees. Anyone can tell when there is tension in the air and it is awkward to say the least. An unpleasant atmosphere is the last thing that your company needs for your sake as well as for the sake of your consumers and employees.

To offset any downbeat attitudes and behaviors that may impede your growth, take steps to first communicate with your staff openly and honestly. Perhaps weekly meetings are in order to keep them apprised of what is going on in the business so that they feel secure in their positions. I encourage you to ask for feedback, suggestions and ideas as to how you can best keep them motivated and enthusiastic.



Implement creative ways to keep the lines of communication open and encourage staff to come to you when they feel a need to talk about problems they may be having. You will have to take an active role and be the one who motivates and supports your employees. Letting them know that they are of value to your organization and that they are appreciated for the job they perform will go a long way in shaping and maintaining their attitudes. Initiate, for example, pot luck lunches, recognition programs and contests to improve morale. Continue praise and thankfulness for a job well done. In a word, be the kind of perfect employer that you, yourself would like to have. Read more information at http://online.wsj.com/articles/burger-king-to-buy-tim-hortons-1409053466.

Get to know them on a personal level. It is possible to maintain the employer/ employee balance in a relationship while having care and concern. Be genuine in taking an interest in them their aspirations, goals, motivations, families, etc. Allow them to get to know you and see you as a person instead of just “the boss”. Creating a lasting bond promotes loyalty, dedication and improved performance. Just be mindful to not allow your new found associations to become a source of rivalry or favoritism. Treat all employees equally, with the same respect, consideration and admiration as you would have them show to you.

Encourage your employees and motivate them by remaining optimistic and cheerful yourself. Find creative ways to inspire, stimulate, and induce your staff to continue working with smiles on their faces. Smiles are contagious and if your employees are happy, they have the potential to improve relations, and make your customers more comfortable.

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